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Transition from student to maker

October 28, 2009

I have lost count of how many times I have heard this phrase:

“It takes years before you can make any money as a jeweller…”

Why? Why does it have to take years? Why aren’t the universities addressing this problem instead of scaring us out of pursuing our dream? I am determined to use this blog to reach out to other jewellery students who are hearing his everyday.

Picture 54

Jewellery seems to be the most difficult subject to make something of yourself yet it is the most accessible to the public. How does that work? Tutors are there to offer guidance and mentoring but all it seems is that they teach us a craft and send us out the door. What next?

I asked a group of jewellery students what scares them most about graduating and a lot of them came back with not having enough money or not being able to work in the industry that they love. The tutor saw these and began to tell us that when she was a student she never thought about ‘the future’ or where they are going to be in ten years time. Things obviously haven’t changed because they are not asking the students these all important questions. And again the words uttered from her lips “yes but it’s very difficult to be a successful jeweller.”

The university should help make the transition from student to maker as smooth as possible to give their students the best chance. Where is that support?

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  1. October 28, 2009 10:12 pm

    To describe what your doing in one word? Awesome!

    Would you fancy coming and having a natter with us final years? Would be brilliant to hear all about Vanilla Ink-and I’m sure we could give you some great opinion and feedback! I’m class rep, so if that would suit you, feel free to email me and I’m sure we could work a time for us to all be in the studio when you could pop in?!

    Lisa x

    PS. I have a blog myself with blogger(as do many of my classmates)-but I am unsure as how to ‘follow you’ as the system on wordpress seems a bit different!?


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