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Let’s do this!

January 21, 2010

My Creative juices are flowing.

Just returned from the Starter for 6 roadshow in Dundee. There were speakers from the organisers of Starter for 6, Fiona Pilgrimm from the Cultural Enterprise Office and Johanna Basford, a Starter for 6 participant.

Starter for 6 is an initiative that is set up to help support, mentor and fund innovative and creative businesses. Wether they are in the start up process or already established.

“creative ideas into successful businesses”

I want to take Vanilla Ink to the next stage, turn the idea into reality.

Advice that I took away with me today is that I need proof that my idea is innovative, what sets me apart? Show the potential of my idea. The main piece advice that Johanna Basford gave to the audience about the whole process was:

“Keep an open mind, welcome any ideas and suggestions”

Vanilla Ink is going to apply for Starter for 6.

I need your backup.

Jewellery students and graduates in particular, I need your thoughts. Why do you want Vanilla Ink? Are you prepared for the creative industry, would Vanilla Ink help you? If you could ask Vanilla Ink one thing to do to help you with your creative future, what would it be? What would make you want to become a Vanilla Inkstar?

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