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Glasgow School of Art meets Vanilla Ink

January 27, 2010

On Thursday the 21st of January Glasgow School of Art’s Creative Industry Showcase introduced Vanilla Ink, aka ME!

I was asked to present my journey into the creative industry so far. I didn’t think that the presentation would last that long because I haven’t quite made my mark on the creative industry YET but turned out I had quite a bit to say.

Undergraduates are itching to meet recent graduates so and I wanted to give them advice and be honest.

I didn’t want to sugar-coat graduating and entering the creative industry. You’ve got to work hard to make things work  and you have to have the determination. Things won’t fall all your lap you have to make things happen.

I’ve taken a few wrong turns, felt discouraged and at times I didn’t know if the creative industry was where I belonged. I stuck at it and I’m still working hard. That’s all I can do!

Lauren was in the audience and tweeted the conversation:

This was a briliant experience and I am determined to share my journey with as many undergrads as possible. Get in touch if you would like to me to come and talk to your jewellery course!


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