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“These Four Walls”

March 8, 2010

The collective have had their first exhibition!

“These four walls” was a success! People got it. They understood what we wanted from the night and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. This was a night for us to network and let people be a part of our work.

‘These four walls’ pushed the boundaries of the regular jewellery exhibition. It was in someone’s living room for a start and people were asked to wear the jewellery and become the exhibition.

People really loved the idea that everyone could try things on instead of looking at the pieces through the glass case. Conversations were struck and we were able to talk about our work whilst the wearer being able to experience it first hand.

I think that in order for people to get a true feel of your work they have to try it on, find out if it suits them, get a true feeling of the piece. It’s hard to do that in a space that only allows you to see it through a sheet of glass or in the hands of the gallery assistant.

I understand that there are worries of damaging the piece but I think that there needs to be a level of trust. We trusted the participants of the exhibition, most of whom we did not know and nothing happened to our pieces.

I think there needs to be a change in mindset that jewellery needs to be put behind glass in order to be exhibited. I want people to become a part of my work and be involved in it.

How can I exhibit this? All suggestions welcome…

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