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Starter for 6 + ME!

August 8, 2010

So the starter for six programme is over…or s it?

Vanilla Ink and Starter for 6 are now in the beginnings of a beautiful friendship! Hand in hand we shall skip together through the mind field of business picking up some flowers along the way! And I couldn’t think of better people to skip along my journey with.

The Starter for 6 programme (S46) have given me an amazing head start in setting up Vanilla Ink. I had the big idea but it was all words jumbled up in my head. What S46 did was pull the string of words out of my head, jumbled it up even more, pulled it apart and squished it up until it all made sense.

I want to make your eyes roll around in your head

Carol Sinclair- Session 1 of S46 programme

And Carol certainly achieved her objective! My eyes rolled and rolled and rolled! They broke me but then built me back up again, stronger and more confident, pushed the boundaries and tested my determination.

My determination is now double what it was.

What mattered to me the most was the skills and experience that I would come out with at the other end. Vanilla Ink now has a strong business and marketing plan. Sources of funding have been put in place, the wheels are now in motion. I am one of the 27 candidates from the Starter for 6 programme that was awarded funding. Here’s s snippet or who won!

Vanilla Ink now has Head Quarters within Dundee University, where I will continue my master plan.

But the cherry on top of the HUGE cake is that after five months of intense innovative business training, the Starter for 6 programme decided to award me with funding! The wheels will be truly in motion!

I want to thank everyone for your support so far. Your help and words of wisdom have brought me this far. I will take all your advice and comments on board and use it to drive me to take Vanilla Ink a reality.

I can’t wait to get stuck in! Keep your peepers on the blog with updated information on the goings-on in Vanilla Ink HQ!


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