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Get the London Look!

October 21, 2010

Stylish disorientation by Patricia Nicolas:


I’ve been made aware of jewellery designer/graphc designer Patricia Nicolas by a recent graduate of Duncan of Jordanstone, the very purdy Kirsty Stevens, who is currently working for Patricia down in London.

Her blog is something you can get lost in. It is a mixture of high fashion, beautiful photography, quirky illustrations and of course her intriguing jewellery.


Particia is ” The Spanish girl living in London, mixing…inspirational street style, fashion finds and an edgy attitude to clothing with designing jewellery that makes your heart smile.”


You delve in to the world of Patricia and you wish that you could be living her life. Skipping through the streets of London looking like she’s come from London fashion week, smelling the pretty flowers at the flower market on Columbia road. And she makes really cool jewellery!

With the blog being so whimsical you can’t help but fall in love with the jewellery too because you find out about Patricia’s life, how the collections have evolved and being a jewellery that’s a good quality to have. You let people into your world and expose who you are as jeweller, designer, fashionista, it gives people a sense of personality. You know about the person who has made the piece of jewellery therefore the piece of jewellery has more life behind it and the piece of jewellery is worth so much more.


That’s my theory anyway…What do you think?


By getting this internship Kirsty has also showed another side of herself. Her photography! Kirsty’s photographs are feature throughout the blog and is even featured in Spanish Vogue. They seem to capture the life of Patricia perfectly and transmit the feeling of glamour and admiration.

Keep up the good work Kirsty!


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