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Contemporary Artisan

October 22, 2010

Another jewellery for you folks to be keeping your peepers on is Duncan of Jordanstone 2010 graduate Joanne Macfadyen.

Joannes blog is a feast for your eyes and is a clear visual diary of her inspirations and how that is developed into her work.


Jo’s work is so delicately ornate and beautiful but has the perfect dose of wearability. Most of these pieces are not meant for everyday wear but they will sit beautifully in your bedroom waiting for the right moment to be revealed to world.

Jo has taken a relatively new material, precious metal clay and has tested it’s boundaries and has turned herself into a metal artist. You can see the clear interpretation of the inspiration that she draws from around her. From victorian lace to ice crystals that have formed on a leaf the beauty of these things can be seen throughout Joanne’s work. She also incorporates found objects and beautiful stones that accentuates each piece.


Jo is a trooper, she works hard, so much so she will be showcasing her work in three different places over christmas this year so you can try get your hands on some unique, hand lovingly made jewellery.

Check her blog for more details.



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