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Vanilla Ink is a kitchen…

November 1, 2010

I’ve been working on ‘’ and looking for inspiration on how the website should look and feel. What it’s content needs to be and how it will interact.

It got me questioning Vanilla Ink’s personality, Vanilla Ink’s brand. Who is Vanilla Ink? And I came up with an analogy (with a little help from a friend with a small lightbulb moment). Vanilla Ink is a kitchen! Sounds silly I know but if you think about it, it does makes sense.

“the kitchen is the hub of any home”

So George Clarke says and I believe it. Magic happens in the kitchen, it’s always the centre force of the home. People migrate to a kitchen when there are parties (why is that?), most families congregate in the kitchen and share their days events. Discussions, arguments and laughter always fill the kitchen.

It is a place where creativity and experimentations are welcomed and mistakes are encouraged and learned from. The kitchen has a ‘the more the merrier’ feel to it. Vanilla Ink shares many of the kitchen’s values. It too is a place where creativity is  welcomed, where people congregate and share experiences. It has a mother hen vibe about it, it wants to nurture and care for the people within the household.

After coming up with this analogy I think that needs to have this ‘kitchen’ vibe. A place where it is the ‘hub of the home.’ It’s got to be sleek and contemporary but homely and functional. It has to allow magic to happen. A place where people can interact, ask questions, converse, share tips and ideas and a place create.

What do you think? What would like to see from, all ideas are welcome. We will come up with the perfect recipe.

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  1. November 1, 2010 6:27 pm

    I’m struggling about how my own site should look, it’s not easy. However, you’ve mentioned a ‘hub’ so maybe you need a homepage as a hub and the other pages opening in a frame within the hub, that should make for easy navigation. Also as you’re planning the site take some advice Jonathans giving and make a diagramatic ‘flow chart’ to help visualise where choices take the visitors before you start making pages.

    If you want interaction then maybe a forum, look at Joomla

    If I think of anything else I’l re-post, by the way if it’s a kitchen you’ll need to supply tea and cakes……. lots of cakes, chocolate ones :-)

    • November 1, 2010 11:31 pm

      Of course Dougie…that’s a given! But did my cakes rise to the occasion?

      Did you find it a good analogy?

      I appreciate your input and i’ll definitely take on board. What features would you like to see from It’s to have an online shop and I thought about the discussion board but is there anything else you would like to see?


  2. November 3, 2010 11:55 am

    Your cakes were braw!

    A shop is a must, you’re a commercial venture so you need to raise funds in every way possible.

    Not sure what else, obviously you need to get across what Vanilla Ink is all about so a section on your services will be needed to attract potential clients, maybe a bio section for current clients along with section for past clients which they could keep updated, maybe provide some type of on-line portfolio service which can be paid for by the clients? Web hosts usually give the oportunity for sub-domains so you could rent out (for instance) along with some webspace for a portfolio

    My head hurts now so I’ll see you later

    All the best


    • November 3, 2010 10:02 pm

      Thanks for your input Dougie! You’ve highlighted things that I haven’t thought of which is great!

      Glad I impressed you with my cake making skills too :)

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