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November 5, 2010

I stumbled across this website after seeing it posted on Central Station and strangely enough, right after I just watched 500 days of summer.

hitRECord is a project founded by Joseph Gordon-Levitt (the dude from 500 days of summer) and is a collaborative platform for all kinds of creative people. Fundamentally it is  a collaborative production company where there is a bank of artists but instead of showcasing their talent individually, hitRECord is space where people work together.


Artists can share their videos, animations, illustrations, music, photography, etc and hitRECord expose each artists submissions and allow for collaborations to flourish. So an illustrator could come up with some drawings derived from a poem someone submitted, then a composer could come along, use his illustrations and develop music to co-inside. Each submission from the artists are there for other people to use and ‘remix.’ Joe then directs them to turn the remixes into a production.

This caught my eye because I’m a firm believer that nothing is new, nothing hasn’t been done before so why not work with these, build on them and interpret in your own way. Remix! Like Lawrence Lessig said, this is a remix culture so hitRECord is a bit like re-creativity.


I worked on a project during my masters with t-labs in Berlin and this was the basis of our working. We were to research existing designs and draw elements from them to create something new. A bit like hitRECord.


hitRECord is also giving power to the underdogs. The artists. Giving them a chance to work on big scale productions and get paid. It would be great experience for many art students.


So go ahead take a peak. See if you can contribute.



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