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Lady Luck no more

November 8, 2010

Yesterday I spent the day in Edinburgh in the lovely shoppe, Hannah Zakari (which is the cutest shop around promoting independent designer makers), listening to Leona Baker talk about her venture ‘Lady Luck Rules Ok.’ It was such an interesting day, I love learning from my peers and gaining new insights on how to do things better or more efficient.

Leona Baker started her journey in 2003 and Lady Luck Rules Ok went from strength to strength and turned into a pretty successful fashion jewellery company. I  clearly did not do research and I wondered why Leona was giving away her trade secrets, I knew she always spoke of copyright and imitations so why open up the opportunity for such things to happen. But Lady Luck is no more! Leona has decided to close the doors on Lady Luck. Not because it wasn’t successful but because she got bored. She was saturated in the world of jewellery for seven years and Leona is no jeweller or designer so it she couldn’t say that it was her passion.

There is something quite nice about the fact that Leona decided not to keep her cards close to her chest, she could have taken those secrets with her to the grave. Leona wanted to share her experience, her downfalls, her wisdom and I respect her for that.

So 16 pages of notes later and a new necklace to boot, I inch ever closer at realising my own dreams of running my own business.

It was a great day and I wish Leona every bit of luck in her next venture, whatever that may be.

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