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December 8, 2010

Classique Noel was a huge success!

But what made this one different…

There are many factors to consider when participating in a craft fair. It it’s the right market, would my work suit it, do my prices work, do the organisers know what they are doing, has it been publicised, does it have a reputation, the list goes on.

So what made Classique Noel different from any others that I have done…?

Was it the location? Was it the reputation? Was it the people that were invited? Was it because it was invite only? These are the things that you have to work out in order to pick the right fair for you. It’s always a good idea to visit the fair before you apply. This isn’t always possible so you have to do your research. Check that it is known, how successful previous fairs have been, ask the people who have participated in it before, get their advice. Does it work out financially for you (how much money do you have to invest in order to do the fair) and more importantly does it suit your work.

I also have to consider what I did differently.

How you display your work is a huge factor when taking part in a fair, or any selling event. Keeping it simple is biggest thing I’ve learned. Considering what type of work you will be selling, and this is where your research plays a big role. What kind of price bracket do the sellers fall in to. There is no point making elaborate pieces that cost hundreds of pounds when the buyers are looking to spend £50. Suss out who the other sellers are and try and figure out what type of work would sell in that particular event.

So I did just that. I kept my display simple, I worked out what type of work would sell and I researched the participating jewellers. The pricing of work has always baffled me and I had many comments from my peers that I was charging too low. It’s still something that I struggle with but by doing my market research and attending these fairs, you learn and I will eventually have prices that I am happy with.

Classique Noel is one of the many events hosted by Dundee Jamboree and for their first attempt at holding a jewellery fair they did very well. The Dundee Jamboree girls know their stuff! Be sure to attend their next fair, Petite Noel, on the 15th December. Keep an eye on their blog as they will be posting pictures of Classique Noel very soon.

I want to thank the girls for inviting me to participate in Classique Noel and I hope to work with them in the future.


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