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Jewellery class creations

January 26, 2011

Thought I would update you on my teaching of the jewellery sorts.

I have been through the first 10 weeks and I loved it. It has given me such a buzz teaching 18 students how to make jewellery. It’s given me a bit more confidence in my own making too. I’m doing things I’ve never done before which is all very challenging.

So after the 10 weeks of beginners jewellery they now move on to 10 weeks of intermediate jewellery. Before we leap into the second semester I wanted to capture what they have been up to in the 1st semester. A few finished pieces I have been able to capture before they were packaged off as Christmas presents.

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I’m very impressed by what they have achieved! They should be pretty proud of themselves. What do you think?

What i have noticed about myself is that I am very honest with my jewellery, if I’m not too good at something, I admit it rather than fluff it. If they want to know how to do something that I have done, I don’t keep my cards to my chest. Even when they  are walking around with the jewellery that I am wearing myself or what I have been selling.

It makes me realise that Vanilla Ink seems to be a good calling for me. I want to aid the transition of graduation into industry and if I can help just a few graduates then I’ll be happy. The jewellery and graduate community are at the forefront of my idea.

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