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a day in the life of

March 25, 2011

A day in the life of Racheal Lamb-aka Hannah Zakari.


A few week ago I approached the Hannah Zakari shop in Edinburgh to ask about an internship. I have been submersed in research for a while now and I felt it was about time to get some real world experience.


So last Friday I travelled through to Edinburgh to try and soak up as much advice and information on running a small crafty business.


If you haven’t been to the Hannah Zakari shop, it’s a great wee find packed full of talented designers and makers! The elegant clean lines and minimalist look allows the pieces to stand out for themselves and create the shops atmosphere. Even her office is nothing shot inspiring (I particularly LOVE the stag head).

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My aims for my ‘day in the life of’, was to see what went on behind the scenes, how Rachael went about her day to day activities. From checking emails to sending out website orders, to buying magazines that featured her shop. It was just really nice watching and speaking to someone who is completely submersed in their business and loving it.


What really impressed me was the quick transition from online presence to physical presence. Rachael spent 6 years online, selling what she sells now. In that time she had learned who her core market was and therefore it was much easier to build that market into her shop. The success of the shop has been amazing in just a year and Hannah Zakari has been featured in a lot of places.


What I appreciated was the time that Rachael took to speak to me and she wasn’t guarded with her answers, she honestly just wanted to help. It’s a rare find in the business world.


So if you are ever in the Grassmarket, try and stubble across Hannah Zakari, it’s gem!


And thank you Rachael for an insightful experience :)


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  1. April 22, 2011 6:35 am

    Oh to have a room like that to work in! Good article!

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