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Tattoo Jewellery

March 25, 2011

I thought I would give you a bit more information on how my collaboration is going and who it is actually with.


I approached one of my best friends who is a tattooist, a tattooist that is featured all over my body. Her name is Charlotte Ross. To be honest this first run of work was just a play around. A play around for me to add some colour and a play around for her because she wanted to see what her drawings looked like when translated into metal.


We haven’t pushed the boundaries quite yet but it has got us excited about what we can do. We want to start looking at different materials, maybe even material that you can tattoo onto we are wanting to experiment further, do more prototypes, more co-design. I guess that’s what a collaboration is all about, working together, sharing ideas, bringing in different skills that the other may not possess. We feel the area of ‘tattoo jewellery’ can be researched a whole lot deeper and the outcome could be something amazing. Right now we have just slightly scratched the surface.


But if you want to what we have been up to so far, our work will be on sale at the Scottish Tattoo convention, this

Saturday and Sunday. Charlotte has a booth there with the rest of the Ink Minx team. Have a nosey :)

But this is not the last of us, think bigger, better and catwalk!


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