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Fleet Collective

April 22, 2011

Yesterday I visited the Grand Unveiling of the Fleet Collective!

I say grand unveiling, it wasn’t quite finished yet but it was great to see the ‘work in progress.’ It was a ‘this is what you could have’ kind of thing.

Set in the beautiful city chambers building in Dundee, the Fleet Collective is a “socially driven creative agency” offering space to a variety of creatives. They aim to promote multi disciplinary spaces, encouraging collaborations and cross networking.

The space has an open plan feel and hopes to open up the creative process to other creatives and non-creatives.

We believe that bringing together a mix of talent under one roof creates the strongest possible base to grow the creative individuals involved and the collective.

A great project for Dundee. It gives the opportunity for creatives to work on projects that they wouldn’t necessarily consider and it also creates a landing pad for people looking for creatives to work on a project.

Can’t wait to see the end result.

The Fleet Collective will be opening in June and are looking for applicants, drop them a line :)

Follow their progress on twitter

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