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Crafty Soup

June 1, 2011

As I said in a previous post…I’ve been running around like a blue arsed flee the past month or so and my blog has been been feeling a tad neglected. So over the next few days I’m going to be posting a few things to give you an update on the month of May.


Crafting A Balance:

Last Tuesday I attended a discussion called “crafting a balance.” How to balance your life in craft.


It was run by the Cultural Enterprise Office and the speakers came in the shape of Bunty and Bella who are a craft collaboration bringing making sessions to all different types of audiences. Lovely Pigeon, a illustrator from the seaside village of Anstruther and Carrie from Made in the Shade, a crafting entrepreneur who has changed the view of ‘crafty’ shopping. 


The discussion was based around a tool that the Cultural Enterprise Office has adopted from Piers Roberts, named the ‘Sanity Check,’ which looks a bit like this:


Using the ‘Sanity Check’ each speaker discussed the areas around skills, profile, relationships and rewards and talked about how each fit into their roles and lives.

The sanity check is a great way to reflect on anything that you might be doing and use it as a way to figure out what you may be gaining from a project, or a commission, a craft fair, etc. What’s in it for me? Will I gain more skills? Will it help raise my profile? Do I gain all important contacts? What’s the reward? Asking yourself these questions puts things into perspective and helps you understand the task in hand.


The speakers reflected on their practice and used it to see how far they have come and what is next in their future. The tool acted as a guide to help them figure out big decisions.


Carrie had used the tool to look back on what she had achieved and it seemed to make sense to her. It is all about getting the right balance. Her analysis of the ‘sanity check’,  was to describe each as a pot of soup! The pots of soup may change but,

“there isn’t one soup on their that doesn’t contain onions.”



There needs to be a part of you in all of them, but sometimes one of them is boiling over and the other is burning the pan. But it is all about getting the right balance and keeping everything cooking!

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