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June 3, 2011

Laura Cowan has just completed her three years at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design.

Her degree show took place last week in Dundee. Laura has now been released into the world of jewellery. I present to you…LAURACET.

Laura’s work challenges peoples perception of value. Do they believe in sentimental value of monetary value? She does this by translating the communication between a couple in a relationship into pieces of jewellery that can be worn, therefore taking the intangible words spoken and making them tangible.

Laura was awarded the Goldsmiths Bursary award during her fourth year, which allowed her to interpret one of her designs into precious metal. A competition that is highly sought after!

Is this something that you would want to wear for people to see, for people to judge? Or is it something that is kept dear to you, to be sentimental and personal.

If you break the piece, does that reflect your relationship? If you keep it forever and can not part with it, is that you clinging on to what has been?

The words shared between two lovers can be momentary…but would you want to keep on to them? Never forget them? Bring it to real life?

Laura’s use of materials also excites me! The gold elements are not in fact gold, but  silicone! Making it a lightweight, textured and a touchy- feely material! I absolutely loved the surprise when I went to touch it! It intrigued me even more!


Again, she is toying with the monetary value. Will people’s perceptions change when they find out what it is made of? Or will it make you love it more, like me?!

Laura’s plans for the future:


Exhibiting @ New Designers In London

PART 1 from 29th- 2nd July

Selling @ Granny Would Be Proud In Glasgow

24th July

You can find Laura on Facebook:

Lauracet Designs



Laura would LOVE to work on Commissions so get in touch :)

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