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Roisin Connolly

June 8, 2011

Next to be reviewed is the wonderful Roisin Connolly.

Roisin hails from St Andrews and she has spent the last three years studying at Duncan of Jordanstone college of art submersed in the world of jewellery.

Roisin’s degree show was a narrative tale of travels, experiences and memories.

Roisin’s jewellery contains subtle reminders to act as triggers to spark those once forgotten (or pushed to the back of the mind) memories that contain wonderful thoughts of the cities hidden treasures, sights, good times, friends and family.

Roisin is trying to capture moments in a different form, from the likes of a diary or photo album. More like a visualisation, tactile, tangible object that contains a hidden treasure. Something to touch and feel, hold in your hand.

Memories are often locked away and are only sparked when faced with something that acts a trigger. Having something that you can wear or that you can have on show that acts as a conversation piece. A conversation that will open up those memories.

Roisin’s story tells of her travels, her experiences. Things that she wants to remember, from a friend stuffing her face with a sandwhich to the ‘Golden Baby’ in Africa. An story that might not seem obvious to the onlooker but to the wearer it holds many wonderful times. Wonderful times that she can now share.

“It highlights the beauty in what some people may no longer see the beauty of.”

I love narrative jewellery! I enjoy the fact that for one person the jewellery could mean something to one person and then for the story to change for someone else. Roisin has captured this essence perfectly! By using imagery that means something to one person and captures a story. Intricate trinkets the hold a lifetime of memories just seems magical to me!

If you fancy seeing your stories transformed into something beautiful Roisin is taking commissions and you can watch the magic be captured. Below you can see the making of a brooch, capturing a beautiful street view in St Andrews. Roisin mainly uses a technique called photoetching. Where a photo is etched onto silver using acid which leaves an impression in the metal. A technique that I am particularly fond of. It’s a beautiful process (that can be temperamental) and leaves you with a piece of metal that captures an image almost feather-like. As a keen photographer, Roisin’s photographs are translated beautifully and encapsulates the memories held.

Roisin’s Plans for the Future:

Exhibiting at New Designers 29th-2nd July

Exhibiting at ‘New Faces’ in Leith Gallery Feb 2012


Roisin is heading Edinburgh bound and is applying for the Designer in Residence at Edinburgh College of Art.

Good Luck Roisin :)

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