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Emma Macleod

June 4, 2011

Another Jeweller to be released into the wild!

I give you Emma Macleod! Emma, a born a bred Fifer has just completed her four years at Duncan of Jordanstone and her Degree Show last week showed just how hard she has been working!

Inspired by architecture Emma’s structural work comes with great timing with the changes that are happening to Dundee just now.

“Structures for the body”

Using wire and angles, Emma has taken large scale structures and translated them in small scale structures for the body.

Emma has shown an interest in architecture for a while and it has been lovely to watch the progression into sleek and considered designs. Living in Dundee I often see where Emma has taken her inspiration. Passing the oil rigs down on the waterfront makes me instantly think of Emma’s work.

photograph taken from

In the degree show pop-up shop, Emma’s constructions were translated beautifully for the shop environment. She made simple but well executed items that were made very commercial for the market.

Emma’s work did not only make an impression on me as she was awarded the NEO design award. Which for Emma would be exposure in a brand new contemporary jewellery shop in Dundee.

Emma is planning on staying in Dundee where she will continuously be inspired by the changes happening to Dundee. especially with the V+A and the Kengo Kuma project.

Emma’s plans for the future:


Neo Design, Dundee



Emma is also available for commissions :)

Good Luck in the future Emma :)



June 3, 2011

Laura Cowan has just completed her three years at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design.

Her degree show took place last week in Dundee. Laura has now been released into the world of jewellery. I present to you…LAURACET.

Laura’s work challenges peoples perception of value. Do they believe in sentimental value of monetary value? She does this by translating the communication between a couple in a relationship into pieces of jewellery that can be worn, therefore taking the intangible words spoken and making them tangible.

Laura was awarded the Goldsmiths Bursary award during her fourth year, which allowed her to interpret one of her designs into precious metal. A competition that is highly sought after!

Is this something that you would want to wear for people to see, for people to judge? Or is it something that is kept dear to you, to be sentimental and personal.

If you break the piece, does that reflect your relationship? If you keep it forever and can not part with it, is that you clinging on to what has been?

The words shared between two lovers can be momentary…but would you want to keep on to them? Never forget them? Bring it to real life?

Laura’s use of materials also excites me! The gold elements are not in fact gold, but  silicone! Making it a lightweight, textured and a touchy- feely material! I absolutely loved the surprise when I went to touch it! It intrigued me even more!


Again, she is toying with the monetary value. Will people’s perceptions change when they find out what it is made of? Or will it make you love it more, like me?!

Laura’s plans for the future:


Exhibiting @ New Designers In London

PART 1 from 29th- 2nd July

Selling @ Granny Would Be Proud In Glasgow

24th July

You can find Laura on Facebook:

Lauracet Designs



Laura would LOVE to work on Commissions so get in touch :)

And so the excitement begins…

June 2, 2011


Coming Soon…

Keep a look out. The BRAND SPANKING new website is on it’s way! I can’t wait to show you guys!

Crafty Soup

June 1, 2011

As I said in a previous post…I’ve been running around like a blue arsed flee the past month or so and my blog has been been feeling a tad neglected. So over the next few days I’m going to be posting a few things to give you an update on the month of May.


Crafting A Balance:

Last Tuesday I attended a discussion called “crafting a balance.” How to balance your life in craft.


It was run by the Cultural Enterprise Office and the speakers came in the shape of Bunty and Bella who are a craft collaboration bringing making sessions to all different types of audiences. Lovely Pigeon, a illustrator from the seaside village of Anstruther and Carrie from Made in the Shade, a crafting entrepreneur who has changed the view of ‘crafty’ shopping. 


The discussion was based around a tool that the Cultural Enterprise Office has adopted from Piers Roberts, named the ‘Sanity Check,’ which looks a bit like this:


Using the ‘Sanity Check’ each speaker discussed the areas around skills, profile, relationships and rewards and talked about how each fit into their roles and lives.

The sanity check is a great way to reflect on anything that you might be doing and use it as a way to figure out what you may be gaining from a project, or a commission, a craft fair, etc. What’s in it for me? Will I gain more skills? Will it help raise my profile? Do I gain all important contacts? What’s the reward? Asking yourself these questions puts things into perspective and helps you understand the task in hand.


The speakers reflected on their practice and used it to see how far they have come and what is next in their future. The tool acted as a guide to help them figure out big decisions.


Carrie had used the tool to look back on what she had achieved and it seemed to make sense to her. It is all about getting the right balance. Her analysis of the ‘sanity check’,  was to describe each as a pot of soup! The pots of soup may change but,

“there isn’t one soup on their that doesn’t contain onions.”



There needs to be a part of you in all of them, but sometimes one of them is boiling over and the other is burning the pan. But it is all about getting the right balance and keeping everything cooking!

DOJ degree show (well…mainly jewellery)

May 31, 2011

Last week saw the return of Duncan of Jordanstone degree show. I’m not sure I agree with many people’s statements saying that it is the best degree show in the past three years…but it was still a pretty damn good show!


I did take a look round the whole show (on three separate days) and there are a few parts that I rush through but being biast, my attentions were mainly drawn to the jewellery degree show.


Being in a different location it provided more excitement over what to expect. Having spent six years in the art college I still got a little confused trying to find it but once I did I’m sure the words “wow” came out of my mouth. The space was pretty huge and consisted of three rooms that flowed from one to the next, housing the super talented students. There was also a pop-up shop where you could buy the students work, a first for the jewellery degree show.


What was inside was a high caliber of work! What I found amazing was the fact that when I was Designer in Residence in the jewellery department, I got to work with the then 3rd year jewellers. I began to see the start of degree show thinking and I saw the developments of each jeweller and not to sound cheesy, but for the small time that I spent with them I felt proud (gush).


These are just a few of the many jewellers that exhibited at this years degree show and if you didn’t get a chance to see it then you missed out!


Kerrianne Flett:

Now Kerrianne blew me away! Kerrianne was actually someone that wasn’t so sure of the direction she was going in third year and I was always looking forward to seeing what she was going to produce!


Kerrianne used concept of time. She used sand as a timer to the design process and with the sand she took castings and used it as her raw material in her outcomes. I love the whole concept behind Kerrianne’s work and the outcome was beautiful!

p.s I want one of your rings!! The one in the shoppee was too big :(


Jessica Howarth:

Without having her name beside her work I knew that this was Jess. Her clever little enameled sculptures played a part in the jewellery and hidden in the roof, or in the slats was a neclace, or a ring, or a pair of earrings. I just loved the fact that each piece acted as a display and that parts of it could be worn.


Laura Cowan:

Laura I can relate to. Her work is a narration of a relationship she once had. Taking words and phrases that was said to her and translating it into her work. What means more, the words or the physical attributes?


These are just a few of the super talented jewellers that were on show (many of which I forgot I had my camera and never got any shots)! But they all did a fantastic job at making the degree show simply stunning! You can find a list and details of most of the jewellers here.


Below is a few snaps of other people’s degree show, because apparently it wasn’t just about the amazing jewellery…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now onwards to all the Scottish Degree shows and New Designers! Can’t wait!

Wrists Slapped

May 31, 2011

Sorry neglected blog :(


You’ll be happy to know I haven’t been neglecting you because I haven’t had anything to blog about the past month, but literally down to the fact that I don’t know where May went! I have been super busy and it’s all been pretty exciting!


A new job is on the horizon! NO MORE TARTAN!!!


I have been working on two collections for two different shops that are in two not so different locations! More on that later…


I have also been working behind the scenes on my new website that the boys at iGiveADamn have been working on! More on that later too…


I have been attending seminars, discussions, meetings and classes which have all been great at feeding me food for thought! More to come on that one too…


All of which I should have blogged about at the times of these events and therefore would not have made this a blog about, well, not much at all really!


So my wrists have been officially slapped and I will be back on track!



Fleet Collective

April 22, 2011

Yesterday I visited the Grand Unveiling of the Fleet Collective!

I say grand unveiling, it wasn’t quite finished yet but it was great to see the ‘work in progress.’ It was a ‘this is what you could have’ kind of thing.

Set in the beautiful city chambers building in Dundee, the Fleet Collective is a “socially driven creative agency” offering space to a variety of creatives. They aim to promote multi disciplinary spaces, encouraging collaborations and cross networking.

The space has an open plan feel and hopes to open up the creative process to other creatives and non-creatives.

We believe that bringing together a mix of talent under one roof creates the strongest possible base to grow the creative individuals involved and the collective.

A great project for Dundee. It gives the opportunity for creatives to work on projects that they wouldn’t necessarily consider and it also creates a landing pad for people looking for creatives to work on a project.

Can’t wait to see the end result.

The Fleet Collective will be opening in June and are looking for applicants, drop them a line :)

Follow their progress on twitter