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What’s Vanilla Ink?

Vanilla Ink is a new initiative founded in 2009 by Kate Pickering. It aims to support Jewellery graduates in making the big step into the real world. Vanilla Ink empowers the graduates as it is their chance to make a mark in the Jewellery world. It is a one year course that offers time, space and education. The missing link into industry. An opportunity to grow as a maker.

Vanillia Ink achieves this by:

Mentoring: One to one support and advice will be offered to the graduates for the year. Publicity and industry exposure will be offered as much as possible and continual encouragement and development of individual skills.

Speakers and workshops: Industry professionals will be on hand to give the graduates insights, covering many areas of business and networking. Organisations such as the Studio Unbound will offer workshops on social networking, communication, branding and connection building. Contemporary and successful jewellers will also be brought in for lectures, presentations and workshops.

Workbench: Each graduate will have their very own workbench, access to a fully equipped workshop where they can develop a body of work and have the opportunity to sell their pieces to real customers. The open space environment will allow the public to be a part of the making process. Graduates will also learn how better to communicate what they do, market themselves and secure work.

Annual Exhibition: Once the year is completed the graduates will take part in an ‘end of year’ Vanilla Ink Exhibition. This will give the graduates a final date to work towards and of course offer them the opportunity to learn about exhibiting their work. Relevant invites and press coverage will be involved to ensure exposure is maximised.

Work Experience: There will be opportunities for some students to gain work experience, when they can shadow each of the graduates. The graduates will gain some teaching experience and the student will have the opportunity to see working jewellers and realise it’s potential in becoming a jeweller. It also give Vanilla Ink some publicity as they would tell friends, parents, teachers, etc.

Application Process: Vanilla ink is based on application only, forcing the graduates to learn how to apply for “jewellery” jobs, photograph work and build confidence.

Time and Space: Vanilla Ink offers jewellery graduates the adequate space and time required in order to transform their training into professional practice. Throughout this year, you will build a portfolio, learn how to apply for funding, submit work successfully to craft shows, structure a business plan and understand the importance and value of a wider interdisciplinary network.

Knowledge Sharing: Working with others from different universities allows them to learn how other people may do things. Learning new methods, technical skills and building their own network.

Vanilla Ink is about the individual creative, you get out what you put in, and more.

To learn more email Kate: kateelizabethjewellery (at ) gmail (dot) com

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